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Apartment block

Services Provided: Exterior commercial building painting.

Award: 2017 Winner – Commercial Rework Exterior – Contemporary Category

This low-rise apartment building in a central Auckland suburb needed a facelift to keep up with the neighbours - modern apartment and townhouse complexes.

The Body Corporate Committee engaged Wall Treats and gave a clear brief. They wanted a high-quality result, minimal disruption to the residents (mostly tenants) and to modernise the building.

Wall Treats worked closely with Resene’s commercial team to agree the optimal paint products and develop colour scheme options.  Shutters, which were in vogue when the building was first built, were removed at Wall Treats recommendation, resulting in a clean, crisp and modern exterior.

We sought several quotes, and chose Wall Treats for several reasons. Wall Treat’s quote was  competitive, but also the most comprehensive; there was more dialog, follow up, and they were very thorough.

We had a hiatus in the decision making and Wall Treats held their quoted price,  which was appreciated.

When the idea of changing the building colour was given to Wall Treats,  Ashley arranged for a Resene design consultant to come up with some alternatives, from which we  chose a colour scheme to update the building’s exterior.

Choosing Wall Treats as our painting contractor was a great decision. 

Everything was well planned and thought through before the project began. Wall Treats always kept  one step ahead, to manage the process smoothly.

I was impressed with their communication, Ashley  always kept the tenants and owners informed, so everyone knew what was going on. She really cared about everyone involved, and worked closely with myself and our maintenance contractor. 

The conduct of the team onsite was exemplary, which was appreciated by myself and all those that  encountered them.

Grant Hudson - Chairperson of the Owners Committee 

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