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Hillpark House

Services Provided: Interior house painting

This home is a 100 year old heritage zoned manor, close to the Auckland Botanical Gardens.  The interiors are exquisitely furnished and full of old world charm.

It was important to the home owners that the painting contractor had an appreciation for the idiosyncrasies that come with historical houses, and experience in painting them.

The homeowners love colour and chose a selection of deep jewel paint colours for the home’s interior paintwork.  These colours have elevated the house, whilst remaining true to its era and style.  The result is rooms that are classically elegant.

A key aspect of this project was painting over the original scrim; the passage of time meant it had become fragile in some areas.  The home owners’ preference was to retain the scrim, and our registered master painter artfully applied paint, without applying too much pressure, to retain this feature of the home. 

“We felt that Wall Treats understood what we wanted, and were happy to deal with some of the idiosyncrasies of the old house, such as painting the scrim.

The painting project went very well. The painters were delightful, discrete, and incredibly hard workers. They arrived when they said they would, and often stayed longer to get the job done. My wife and I both work from home and we found them very quiet, respectful and pleasant to have around.

Ashley was fantastic. From her first visit, she showed that she understood the 100-year-old house and what we wanted from the paint job, and her quotation was comprehensive. When we made changes to what we wanted done she was happy to accommodate that. She also stopped in to check on the work, to ensure it was being completed to the high standard she expected of her painters.

The personal contact we had with Ashley was reassuring, and we found her professional and pleasant. We appreciated that she inspected the property before providing the quotation. Having a good level of trust in the people that will be working on your property is valuable.”

David Lord, Home Owner

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