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Parnell House 1

Services Provided: Interior and exterior house painting.

Located in the heart of Parnell, this grand home is set among large grounds and embodies its owners’ discerning tastes and commitment to quality.

The repainting project was undertaken in two stages. The interior was repainted first, as part of a wider renovation, with the exterior painting taking place a few months later.

Impeccable workmanship was critical at every stage of the project. The high specification of the home’s furniture and fittings meant the paintwork had to be of the best standard. In addition, both the interior and exterior joinery included colonial style features, which required precision painting.

As well as showcasing the impact of exceptional workmanship, this project also epitomised the benefits of a collaborative client-contractor relationship. Both parties’ clear and proactive communication about the scope of work, timeframes and quality expectations led to a stress-free and successful project.

“They are totally efficient and they are my number one … they would be my higher end, reliable painters … to refer on, absolutely, I’d think of them first! They’re going to be a little bit more expensive but I think you get what you pay for…”

Fiona Small, Sienna Design (Interior Designer)

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