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"Mrs C" Client Case Study: Relationship Building

Building trust is a key part of Wall Treats’ MO, and it’s something we take pride in. This case study, the story of Mrs C, is a testament to the effort that the team puts into fostering a positive relationship with our discerning clients.


Regaining trust

Difficult personal circumstances on Ashley and Daniel’s part meant that Wall Treats did not give a great first impression in our first encounter with Mrs C—subpar service and less-than-perfect results left them saying “never again”! However, when a contractor recommended Wall Treats for their second house, they were gracious enough to give the team another chance. By the time we painted their third home, they were so pleased with the outcome that they now consider Wall Treats their go-to painters.

Asked what changed their mind, Mrs C said:

“We knew Daniel had worked very hard, it just didn’t go well. The second thing was that Ashley totally owned it. She said that she heard us, and they didn’t do the best work. She apologised and said she would make sure we do great work for you in the future.

Another thing was that when they painted the wardrobe in our front room, my daughter was coming home from university. He was here until about nine o’clock at night for three days so the job would get done according to our schedule. Equally, he would close the door to the room for privacy—you wouldn’t even have known he was there.”

Integrity, accountability, and discretion: a trio of relationship-building superpowers!


Meeting expectations

Mrs C listed quality results, honesty, reliability, and the ability to work as unobtrusively as possible as her top priorities when choosing a tradesperson. And while quality is the most important, price is certainly a concern. Balancing the two might mean, she noted, that she reduces the scope of the project to fit the budget rather than settling for a lesser result at a lower price point.

And these are the things she appreciated in her subsequent experiences with Wall Treats:

  • Ashley was always professional in her service and listened to her wants and needs.

  • She offers extras and is very organised.

  • Daniel is very hard-working and professional.

  • Compared to other tradies, Daniel and the team were very respectful of their home and disrupted the family as little as possible.


There are always areas in which we can improve, too—and part of the process is collecting feedback and incorporating the insight it offers into our operations going forward. Mrs C pointed out difficulties in scheduling with other contractors and the occasional sticker shock as opportunities to make improvements.

Leaving our customers happy is always our goal. Our relationship with Mrs C did not get off to a great start. And rather than giving up, we put in the work to repair it and become her painter of choice. We’re proud of that!


If you’d like to discover the Wall Treats difference, get in touch! We’d love to discuss how we can make your painting project dreams a reality.