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Building trust is a key part of Wall Treats’ MO, and it’s something we take pride in. This case study, the story of Mrs C, is a testament to the effort that the team puts into fostering a positive relationship with our discerning clients. Regaining trustDifficult pe...
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Mt Albert Client Case Study

October 10, 2022

A case for good project management and trusted trades partnerships.

Mrs C and her husband have lived in their Mt Albert bungalow for many decades, and the lovely property holds many special memories. Consequently, they take good care of their cherished house.Despite Mrs C’s attachment to her house, she is an astute and practical-minded wom...
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"Mr C" Client Case Study

August 24, 2022
Mr C is a well-respected professional in the New Zealand construction industry—specifically in painting and decorating. He has been a valued team member for one of the best known paint brands in New Zealand for many years.  Unsurprisingly, Mr C knew exactly what ...
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Arm yourself with knowledge.Preparing to repaint your home? Chances are you’ve sourced a few quotes from various painters to ensure you are getting the best deal possible. But all the painting quotes in the world won’t be much help if you don’t understand what you’re...
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