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Why You Shouldn’t Always Use Your Builder’s Painter

The paint job is the pièce de résistance of any building project—and you don’t want the quality to take a fall at the final hurdle. That’s why it’s important to consider options other than the painter your builder subcontracts or recommends. 

A builder is skilled in construction, and you probably chose one that you knew would do a fantastic job of that portion of your renovation or build. However, painting is a different ball game. While most builders have painters they commonly work with, these recommendations may be based on price, taking the path of least resistance, or just acquaintance—not necessarily the quality of the finish they provide.

As Auckland Master Painters, we have had clients call us in to remedy a paint job provided by their builder’s painter. A situation, of course, that could have been avoided had they chosen a premium painter from the get-go.

Here’s why you should carefully consider the service provider you use for that crucial final piece of the puzzle: the paint job.

  • Painting is the final visual layer, making it immediately obvious if something isn’t quite right. Slight issues or imperfections in other tradies’ work can often be hidden behind tiles or GIB board, but there’s no concealing a sub-par paint job.

  • Patience is often waning and timelines tight by the time the painting stage is reached, but a rushed job will never provide the best finish. A premium painter will be realistic about the time necessary for a quality result, and it is always worth the wait.

  • Paint can highlight flaws that were previously overlooked. As an example, we have had a situation in which the kitchen cabinetry colour was wrong, and this was not noticed until it became obvious that the paint did not match. Paint can highlight bad plaster finishes and other issues. A master painter will communicate and find solutions rather than slap on the paint and hope for the best.

  • Perhaps the most important point is this: while your builder may be talented, reputable, and all of the good things, their subcontractors or contacts in other trades may not be of the same calibre—and as that’s not their wheelhouse, they may not be aware of the discrepancy. 

While your builder can make recommendations for other tradies to do various parts of the job, it’s ultimately up to you. Be informed and ready to make decisions to ensure the result you’re dreaming of! Talk explicitly with your builder about the level of workmanship you expect from plasterers and painters, and then make the call on whether you’ll use their contacts or not.

Engaging your own preferred painter may involve a little more work and planning on your part, but we believe it’s worth it. The paint finish is something that will be in your face everyday; to remedy the problem further down the track will be a much bigger and more expensive task than ensuring it’s done right the first time.


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