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Mitigating Supply Issues for Your Painting Project

Punctual painting projects require timely decision-making!

As with construction projects, painting jobs have lead times and can experience delays due to unavailability of materials. In our industry of course, the most important material is PAINT!

Of course, we do our absolute best to ensure that we can get jobs done as planned and minimise lead times. But if we’ve learnt anything since March 2020 it’s simply that even the best-laid plans can go awry. Stuff reported as early as April 2021 that suppliers have been “tearing their hair out trying to get the products in.”

Here are some things to think about if you’re planning a painting project in 2022.

The ups and downs of paint supply

With the entire shipping industry experiencing delays due to COVID and also the situation in Europe, it’s no surprise that paint can be in short supply at times.

One significant supplier in particular makes their paint in New Zealand but relies on specific ingredients from overseas. Attempts to substitute these ingredients for others more readily available can cause problems with the paint quality. As premium painters known for our high-end finishes, that’s not something we accept.

At Wall Treats, we do all we can to mitigate supply issues. We hate for these to affect our valued customers! This means buying up untinted stock in advance—however, it’s not quite that simple. Untinted paint comes in a variety of base tones: white, light, pastel, deep, ochre, and more. This makes it difficult to stockpile too much paint, as we are never sure which colours our customers will prefer and which base tones will be required.

Set your project up for success

How can you avoid supply-related delays to your painting job? We have two main suggestions:


  • If you are considering a painting project at any time this year, get a quote NOW! This puts your project on our radar and can guide our purchase decisions for untinted paint stock.


  • Once you have a quote, make your decisions as quickly as possible! This means both choosing your service provider and deciding on colours. While this isn’t a process that should be rushed, it is certainly one that should be prioritised to avoid any supply-related delays.

The more notice we have of your project, the better the chances that we can have the paint you need ready to go when the time comes—whether that means setting stock aside from our stockpile, buying what’s available, or getting on a waitlist.


Need help making your decisions? Check out our previous blogs on choosing interior colours you’ll love and understanding your painting quote.

We love to provide our clients with the highest-quality premium painting service in Auckland. Having the information we need well in advance helps us to help you as best we can.

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