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How To: Repair damage to painted surfaces

As Auckland Master Painters, one of the highlights of our job is finishing a project and letting the clients enjoy their freshly painted interior. After all the work that goes into choosing colours, a contractor and going through the house painting process you deserve to relax and enjoy it!

However finding damage on your freshly painted surfaces can be heartbreaking, and no matter how careful you are, these things happen.

Luckily paint finishes can be repaired, although the options available depend on several factors.

  • What is the surface that has been damaged? Is it a wall or a piece of timber, such as a door, door frame or skirting board?

  • Where is the damage? Is it at eye level or outside the eye level range?

  • How much natural and artificial light is the damaged surface is exposed to?

  • What is the sheen level of the paint product that was originally applied to the surface?

For each of these factors there is a best case scenario which the easiest to fix, and a worst case scenario - the trickiest to repair.


Worst case scenario

Best case scenario

Surface damaged


Timber surface

Location of damage

Eye level

Outside the eye level range

Extent of light on damage

Abundance, e.g. large windows and/or downlights


Sheen level of paint product

Semi-gloss/ Gloss

Flat/ Low sheen

An onsite review will determine the best course of action, and after all the effort of getting your interior painting just perfect, it is always a good idea to call the professionals for any repairs.

If you are a client of Wall Treats, you’ll be eligible for our ongoing paint maintenance programme. This ensures your painted surfaces receive a regular, scheduled review and any damage is repaired so that you can enjoy a perfect paint finish once again.

Need to discuss repairing a paint job? Call Wall Treats, Auckland Master Painters. 

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