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How To: Get a perfect exterior paint finish

No matter how experienced your house painters are, painting the exterior of a home can be tricky business.

Every day, we work with a range of different wall substrates – from timber and block work to concrete, metal and more. In each case, the materials will have weathered differently and most houses have their own additional challenges, for example previous paint coatings that are de-laminating.

With all this in mind, how do you know that the paint finish you’ll receive is worth the investment you’re making?

Often, Auckland painters will make their own assessment of the conditions affecting the home and generate their quote accordingly. Of course, each contractor’s opinion about the materials, weathering and challenges involved in a home will be subtly different. So whose opinion can you trust?

To make matters simple, we recommend our clients use a Painting Specification Document.

What is a Painting Specification Document?

A Painting Specification Document is a recommendation that the paint companies put together. The paint company will send a representative out to assess your home and prepare a report that outlines:

  • Their assessment of the substrates on your house;

  • Their view of the extent of preparation work required on each substrate; and,

  • Their recommendations on the approach that should be taken and the paint products to use to achieve the optimal result.

Painting Specification Documents are so detailed that they even include the number of coats of paint required. The best thing about them is that, most of the time, they are free of charge. We know that both Dulux and Resene prepare Painting Specification Documents at no cost.

The benefits of a Painting Specification Document

The greatest benefit of a Painting Specification Document is that it provides an objective analysis, which gives you a way to assess the recommendations you receive as part of each house painting company’s quote.

By giving each house painting company a copy of the Painting Specification Document, you’ll know that you are comparing apples with apples when it comes to assessing each house painter’s quote. This specific outline also ensures the work your house painter does will meet your expectations, and provides a clear basis upon which any misunderstandings and/or disputes can be resolved.

Want a Painting Specification Document for your home’s exterior?

If you’re using Dulux paints, contact Dulux directly or ask your house painter.

If you’re using Resene paints, visit your nearest Resene Colour Shop or ask your house painter.

Painting the interior of your home?

A Painting Specification Document is just as useful for interior house painting projects. They are particularly handy in situations where you want to achieve a tricky finish – for example, if you’re painting dark varnished timber white or applying metallic paints.

Looking for more advice on exterior painting?

Wall Treats are Auckland painters, with more than 10 years’ experience in painting the interiors and exteriors of some of Auckland’s most beautiful homes. Contact us today for a no obligation consultation.

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