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Lower-Cost Ways to Rejuvenate your Home

Don’t let an economic downturn stop you from enjoying your spaces

Even when it’s necessary to tighten the belt, you can create a home that’s a refuge from the world. Find out how!

When economic tough times roll around, the world can seem a little bleak. A recession—or even a threatened one—brings with it higher costs, tighter budgets, and a more frugal approach. Even for those who don’t need to tighten their belts, a cloudy financial outlook may make it trickier to pull the trigger on big projects.

We’ve put together a list of projects that will have maximum impact for minimum cost and lift your spirits along with the look of your home.

Make the most of a coat of paint

Painting is a project that can be done in sections, making it more achievable when money is tight. You might opt to paint only your living space to add cheer to the most well-used part of your home, or have all or some of your exterior walls painted to create some street appeal. While full renovation might be out of the budget, a new coat of paint can work wonders in making your home feel new and fresh.

Strategic painting projects are a great way to bring your home back to life—as long as you choose a reputable painter to avoid hidden costs and achieve a good result! We also recommend seeking professional advice regarding the colours that will best suit your home and your tastes. Wall Treats offers a free colour consultation as part of our premium painting service.

Look to landscaping

Take advantage of any sunny days to get out in the garden or yard and tick off some DIY landscaping projects. There are plenty of things you can do yourself with a bit of materials cost and some elbow grease:

  • Get a load of gravel or pavers and create pretty paths to link the well-used spaces around your property.

  • Plant some bulbs and reap the rewards when spring rolls around.

  • Make a patio with pavers and put together an outdoor dining area. Fairy lights are always a nice added touch.

  • Re-stain or repaint fences and decks to freshen up the look of your outdoor spaces.

  • Plant a few new trees for privacy and shade.

Lighten up

Bringing more light into your home can make it feel new again! This can be achieved in a variety of affordable ways. When the financial outlook is gloomy, making your space brighter is surprisingly effective as a mood lifter.

  • Clean windows and skylights, and cut away any trees or shrubs blocking light from entering through them.

  • Use mirrors to reflect and direct light into darker spaces.

  • Paint interiors with lighter colours to make rooms feel bigger.

  • Declutter.

Don’t let economic downturns stop you from enjoying your home! These and other affordable updates can greatly improve the look and feel of your indoor and outdoor spaces.

And if you’re looking to outsource painting to the experts and have it done right the first time, get in touch with the Wall Treats team. We are master painters with plenty of experience with high-end projects. Our customers can also take advantage of our FREE colour consultant offer—get a quote now and let’s get your painting started.