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The new normal on our project sites

Posted by Wall Treats on April 21, 2020

From Wall Treats, we want to thank each and every one of you who has continued their projects or been in touch to book a new project. We are a small team and your continued support means so much to all of us during these uncertain times. Thank you.

Keeping our clients and our employees and their families safe is of paramount importance to us. That is why we have undertaken careful planning to ensure everyone’s safety when we are able to return to work.

When our country enters COVID-19 Alert Level 3 on Tuesday 28 April 2020, these are the steps we will take to ensure the safety of you and our team.

  • Our team will be equipped with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Our team will be actively reminded to sanitise their hands frequently
  • On exterior projects, where they cannot keep a physical distance of two metres for practical and safety reasons, they will wear safety goggles and KN95 face masks
  • When they are working in the interior of your home, they will always have safety goggles and KN95 face masks on
  • We have a large stock of protective footwear covers that all team members must wear when they are inside your home
  • Each of our team have private vehicles to travel to and from work sites and will travel alone. We have reiterated to our team that they are to maintain their lockdown bubbles throughout Level 3
  • Our team will only travel to one work site on any given day. We shall not be working on multiple sites in a day
  • Where there is no separate toilet for our team to use, we will order a portable toilet, at our cost

    We have elected to order portable toilets from Prestige Loos for the following reasons:
    • They are part of the Portable Sanitation Association International (PSAI), which is a not for profit association and the largest trade association serving the portable sanitation industry.
    • Under the guidance of the PSAI, Prestige Loos do not operate fresh water flushing portable toilets and choose hand sanitisers over hand wash basins.
    • This is because the blue sanitation chemical requires a certain concentration for efficacy. Fresh water flushing and hand basin run-off in the portable toilet leads the blue chemical to become diluted and disturbed, causing bacteria to become unstable, which leads to odours and dramatically increases the risk of bacteria population.
    • They use hospital grade disinfectants and cleaning agents while servicing to provide a hygienic finished product.
    • At the end of their regular servicing, all their drivers must spray down all toilets with disinfectant cleaner on-site. This disinfectant is used inside and out.
    • They have guaranteed in writing that they have adequate stock and a robust supply chain to provide hand sanitisers and toilet paper.
  • We will, as far as possible, communicate with you via the telephone, email, text messages or virtual meetings.

We appreciate that at times, there is a need to communicate face to face. At such times, we have asked our team to keep at least two metres away from you.

  • Each of our team members must complete daily Health Declaration Forms

If they display any signs of being unwell, they will not be allowed onto your project sites. Instead, they are required to seek medical advice on their suitability to be at work.

We have a small team of employees. We do not engage sub-contractors. Therefore, at any point in time, we are able to identify our employees’ close contacts.

Our employees understand that if they come into contact with anyone who is being tested (and awaiting results for COVID-19) or who has been diagnosed with the virus, they must tell us immediately. Thereafter, they will be stood down.

We will then tap into our government’s packages to assist them financially. There is no pressure on any one of our employees to be at work if they are at risk. Health and safety must always come first.

  • We will be particular about recording the details of each person who comes onsite. In addition, we are working with our key collaborators to prepare a COVID-19 Emergency Response Plan. This plan will be finalised before the first day of Level 3
  • When working on the exterior of your house, our team will sand the specified surfaces with the timber joinery closed.

There will come a time when we do need to open the timber joinery so that we can best prepare the surfaces for re-painting.

We shall provide you a “heads up” prior to opening the timber joinery so you have time to move items close by away. Thereafter, our team will wipe any interior surfaces they touch with antibacterial spray and/ or wipes. Note: When the timber joinery is opened, all team members must wear their protective googles and KN95 masks.

  • As those of you who have engaged us to carry out your interior repainting will know, we do plan with you the sequence of rooms we work in. This helps to minimise the disruption to your household.

Another more pressing factor we now need to incorporate into our planning is how we best implement physical distancing with you.

Where required for interior projects, we will work behind closed doors. We shall leave the windows open to encourage the flow of fresh air.

In an open plan area, we will use zip walls or similar to ensure physical distancing. These zip walls will remain up until we have completed our work in that area. Thereafter, we shall spray all surfaces within the “zipped” area with disinfectant spray before we remove the zip wall/s.

  • When our team arrives at your home, they will be in non-work wear. They will change into their work wear when they enter the spaces they are working in. They will then change out of their work wear before leaving your project site for the day.
  • As part of our planning process, we will now be asking you to provide written notice to us of any elderly and/ or high risk members in your household. This will enable us to, in consultation with you, take additional precautions, as required.

With these measures in place there may be a delay to how quickly we can complete projects in accordance with our high-quality standards. We thank you in advance for your patience as we all traverse these unusual times together.

As a small business, your support is invaluable to us, and we thank you in advance.

If you have any questions or have any suggestions as to how we can further protect our team, your loved ones and you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We wish you health and happiness whilst we navigate these challenging times together.

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We are very happy with the quality of the paint result we have received from Wall Treats and also with the level of service we received. The team from Wall Treats produced an excellent paint finish and nothing was too much trouble.
Wall Treats’ work was of the highest quality, showing particular attention to detail in all areas. This small business represents both itself and the association very well by being meticulous in all areas from documentation to finished work. They have laid down a challenge for others to follow.
I had dealt with Wall Treats on a professional basis and was impressed with their level of finishing. I engaged Wall Treats for this project because I trusted that they would do a good job. My instincts were right. The Wall Treats team is a delight to deal with and I received efficient service from friendly professionals.
They are totally efficient and they are my number one … they would be my higher end, reliable painters … to refer on, absolutely, I’d think of them first! They’re going to be a little bit more expensive but I think you get what you pay for…
Many thanks for the work you've done on our house. You've done a very good quality job and we also appreciated your reliability, sticking to schedule and the fact you've been totally upfront about the costs.
We received excellent communication from the very moment we contacted Ashley for a quote to the final invoice being paid. Their processes were excellent and ensured that our job was managed in a professional way. We feel that Ashley and Daniel went out of their way to ensure everything went smoothly. Anyone who values ‘peace of mind’ the way we do should ring Wall Treats.
(Wall Treats) stand out by themselves… They’re the only ones who bother to communicate back about how things are going, how the quote’s going … all those sort of things. They’re the only ones who actually go that extra mile.
I was most impressed with the attention to detail and the communication throughout the whole process. The workmen were very considerate throughout the whole time they were at my property. What impressed me the most was that Ashley made sure every single detail was covered and checked in with me regularly. She also came and personally inspected all the work with me... Her standards are very high (as are mine!) and I highly recommend Wall Treats to anyone.